About Me

I wasn’t the starter on the football team and I lost every wrestling match my freshman year. I was a knucklehead in high school who didn’t want to go to college and wanted to be a US Marine. Right before I was set to graduate and ship out to boot camp, I tore my ACL in a wrestling tournament. I had cut 20 lbs. the night prior and completely depleted my body. This injury medically disqualified me from shipping to boot camp and sent me into a downward spiral of drugs, alcohol, and terrible food choices. Before I knew it I was at my heaviest weight of 280 lbs. and completely out of shape and unqualified to achieve my dream of becoming a US Marine. I looked in the mirror one day and was truly disgusted, I hardly recognized who I was physically, let alone mentally. I decided it was time for a change and set out to go on a run to the gym the following morning at 4 am. I barely got about a quarter-mile before gassing out but I kept going, it was slow but I didn’t stop. I did it, I completed day one. Little did I know this was just the beginning.



I stayed committed to a rigorous program where I put myself through hell for 6 months to prepare for the Marine Corps boot camp again. I dropped a total of 75 lbs. and signed my contract to become a US Marine again. I went on to graduate boot camp with honors and was meritoriously promoted. Then graduating from Infantry school and being admitted to Reconnaissance Marine School. I was in the best shape of my life and ready for this challenge, or so I thought. Little did I know that I signed up for hell. A total of 48 people quit on day one! It was staggering how fast people realized they didn’t want to be there. I knew this was going to be one of the biggest challenges of my life. And after a grueling three weeks in one of the toughest military courses, I quit. I used my injuries as an excuse to no longer suffer in an academy that had pushed me to my “limit”. I was devastated, the moment I was free of the suffering I felt instant regret. All those months of training in preparation only to cave in at the proving grounds mentally. I was recycled to the needs of the Marine Corps and instead of parachuting in behind enemy lines at dawn, I was now assigned to the Supply field. A lot less action but at least now I had plenty of time to train which was always my outlet throughout the years. There was a small bodybuilding community in the local gyms on and off base and I started working with a coach on my nutrition and training programs and began to see great results in my physique.

One day I was in the gym and a relatively average-sized dude was bench pressing and he hit 315 for a few reps. I thought I’m way bigger than him so I can probably do the same I attempt it and I couldn’t even get one. I went home and all I could think of was what good is being big if there’s no strength behind your size. Thus began my powerlifting conquest, I became obsessed with lifting as much weight as possible. This was great for my strength and I got very strong lifting a total of over 1500 lbs. on squats, bench, and deadlifts but my cardio and body fat percentage were paying the price. When I made the decision in 2015 that I was going to leave the Marines and become a UFC champion I knew I needed to change. I developed methods of training and nutrition where I can focus on performance. Not only did I want to have a low body fat percentage for my physical appeal but I also wanted to be able to move a serious amount of weight and have a professional level athlete cardio base. After trial and error with dozens of training methods and diets, I found what worked. It has been a long journey from struggling on that first jog to the gym but there is still so much more to go. Hope you stick along for the ride.